Shock at race-hate pamphlet

ROSE City residents received a nasty shock on opening their letterboxes this week to discover an extreme racial hatred pamphlet.

Warwick resident John Randall awoke to find a two-page leaflet in with his mail that addressed issues of 'The Spearhead: Black on White Crime" and emphasised the need "for a white Australia".

Mr Randall said he was shocked to see such an "extreme" leaflet in a friendly town.

"I'm disappointed for our town that someone has identified Warwick as a target for a racial hatred campaign," he said.

"But I'm also angry that someone was trying to import trouble from elsewhere and disrupt what I see as a very peaceful, harmonious place to live.

"I thought there were racial vilification laws that made that type of race hatred rubbish illegal."

The newsletter was signed off with details of the Australia First party whose motto, created by founder Graeme Campbell, is "Australia must remain predominantly white".

When contacted by the Daily News about the publication, chairman of Australia First Dr Jim Saleam said it was not his doing.

Although the newsletter mirrors similar political views to those of Dr Saleam, he was adamant he did not write it and his name was on there for some "unknown reason".

"But I have no problem with anyone putting my name on a newsletter, it's freedom of speech," Dr Saleam said.

Warwick Peace Festival director Ruth Power said she also found the pamphlet disturbing.

"I feel disappointed and I feel this sort of thing doesn't help anyone and it's scary," Mrs Power said.

Mrs Power said the propaganda-type tone of the newsletter was not the kind of message we should be sending to the community.

"It's pushing a particular point of view and it's a very superficial take on people and it's dangerous really," she said yesterday.

"This is not the kind of environment we want our children to grow up in."

Another Southern Downs resident concerned about the newsletter was co-ordinator of a multicultural friendship group, Fiori Cruz.

"It's just going to create more problems and they're just trying to create fear in Australia, but really, how could Australia survive without multiculturalism?" Mrs Cruz said.

"I tend to ignore things like this, I mean I've seen it in Sydney and Brisbane and Melbourne but never thought it would happen here."

Mr Randall said a great town like Warwick didn't need the negative influence of this sort of advertising.

"Warwick has always had a reputation of an easy-going friendly town, very much 'live and let live'," Mr Randall said.

"We don't need the nasty racist rubbish that the people from the Spearhead are peddling."


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