First evictee Sharon with host Sonia Kruger.
First evictee Sharon with host Sonia Kruger. Paul Broben

Sharon's out of the Big Brother house, but who's going in?

NO ONE is safe for long in the Big Brother house.

As the housemates reel from Sharon's eviction, executive producer Alex Mavriodakis revealed to APN that there's more fun in store for the 15 remaining contestants, well 16 if you count sisters Lucy and Katie individually.

"You may hear barking in the next few days, and an A-list celebrity is coming to visit in the next few days. Those two things may be intertwined," he said.

"Big Brother is a soap opera. You have to throw a few bombs in the first few weeks to get the audience engaged.

"We've got two things coming up in the next two weeks that are game changers. I'm looking forward to seeing how they play out."

With the first housemate of the year sent packing last night, Mavriodakis said it is now time for the reality TV show to settle into a regular rhythm of nominations, evictions and Saturday Showdowns.

"It's nice now the series is getting into a pattern," he said.

"Now it's going to be Monday eviction, Tuesday they nominate, Thursday we swap the nominees, the (voting) lines are open and repeat. It (nominee swap) will be a regular fixture for the next few weeks at least. The best thing about Big Brother is Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time."

Mavriodakis predicts there will be a few familiar names at the top of tonight's nominations points leader board.

"I expect Mikkalya will be nominated again," he said.

"She's a school teacher and she can't let it go. She is bossy.  I suspect Jasmin will be nominated again."

But he reckons there will also be a few new housemates in the firing line.

"I thoroughly expect Rohan to be nominated," he said.

"I've got a feeling Ben might be up. They all love him, without question, but I think now the game has started it's a very easy thing to vote for strategy and I think they all think Ben will be there at the end."

If Mavriodakis was in the house, instead of running it, then his strategy would be to target the favourites early.

"If I was in the house then I'd be voting for Ben and Tim," he said.

"What's the point in voting for characters you don' think will be there at the end?

"You've got to get rid of them early before they get a fan base."

Big Brother nominations air tonight at 7pm on Channel 9/WIN.


Highlights from the first Big Brother eviction show of 2013:

  • Sharon's look of surprise seeing her husband and three kids
  • Sonia's floor-length Grecian gown - red hot!
  • Tim and Drew's blossoming bromance
  • Paranoia that Rohan is "The Mole"
  • Sharon's youngest daughter trying to eat Mike Goldman's microphone

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