Serial sexual offender to be released

A SEXUAL deviant who violently attacked his doctor and two nurses at separate Ipswich health centres is deemed suitable to return to the community.

Henry Edward Bewart, who has a history of indecent exposure and rubbing himself against strangers since 1982 at age 17, was given an indefinite sentence in 2011 under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.

Justice Philip McMurdo said, in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday, that the 48-year-old remained a serious danger to the community but his risk of re-offending could be managed with a strict supervision order.

He rescinded the indefinite detention order and released Bewart to the Wacol precinct with a condition he notify corrective services officers if he is ever attending a hospital or emergency department.

Bewart must also comply with curfew restrictions, abstain from alcohol and illicit drugs, submit to random urinalysis and breath testing and must not visit licensed venues without permission.

He must submit to any medical testing and mental health treatment, principally from the Richmond Fellowship Queensland organisation which has agreed to help Bewart.

Justice McMurdo said psychiatric reports from Professor Joan Lawrence and Dr Michael Beech in September and October last year found Bewart should not be released.

But Mr McMurdo said treating doctor Evelyn Timmins had since developed a management plan with Bewart and the fellowship that satisfied all doctors a supervised release was possible.

He said Dr Timmins reported Bewart's mental state had stabilised and Dr Beech agreed release into supported accommodation with case management from district mental health services as proposed could work.

"Each of Professor Lawrence and Dr Beech have revised their opinion such that it also would support an order for the prisoner's release," he said.

"Last Thursday, Professor Lawrence wrote .... 'overall I believe that the arrangements that have been established are very appropriate for Mr Bewart's needs and if he complies with these and contributes his own energies to helping himself and complies with all that is requirements, it is my opinion that the risk he presents to the community, his anti-social, including sexual, behaviours will be managed by a supervision order'."

Psychiatrists have diagnosed Bewart with sexual deviance and paraphilia, particularly exhibitionism, indecent exposure and frottage - the desire to rub sexually against other people.

He also has a personality disorder, with narcissistic and possibly psychopathic traits, and has issues with degradation of women, seeing them purely as sexual objects for his satisfaction.


  • 1982: At age 17, he saw a woman in a car park, took off his jeans and approached the car.
  • 1988: Touched a woman's leg, grabbed her waist in a laundromat.
  • 1995: Violently attacked a female doctor. Ripped her clothing and tried to undo her trousers.
  • 1996: Sexually assaulted two female nurses at Ipswich Hospital.
  • 2003: Attacked a woman in the waiting room at Ipswich Hospital. Kissed her neck, grabbed her around waist and rubbed her breasts.
  • 2007: Four offences against four different women within months of release on parole.

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