Sex worker booted out

AN out-of-town sex worker was yesterday thrown out of a Warwick caravan park and knocked back from another hotel, prompting her to ask local legal escort “Jennifer” if she had a room at her house.

But she was evidently unaware that more than one legal sex worker sharing a premises is illegal under the Queensland Prostitution Act.

Kahler's Oasis Caravan Park manager Jodi Crowley told the Daily News a man booked a cabin early yesterday morning, requesting linen and a shower, paying in cash.

“It wasn't until I was at the clothes line and noticed more cars parked near the cabin than you'd expect and then a taxi dropping off people I thought something was up,” Ms Crowley said.

“I knocked on her door and she opened it up stark naked – I asked her what she was doing here and she said ‘I'm doing massages'.

“I said ‘not in this park you're not'.”

Park owner Majella Kahler said after the woman – who was not a registered guest – refused to leave, police were called “for the safety of management, staff and other guests”.

“This is the first time in 22 years I've experienced something like this – it's not the clientele we wish to have in our business,” Mrs Kahler said.

“I really want to thank the local police who handled the situation very well.”

“Ava” told the Daily News she was unable to check in to one local hotel but had “finally found a hotel who would take me” yesterday afternoon.

This was not before she found Jennifer's ad in the Daily News right next to her own, sending her an SMS plea for a room to rent.

“... have been having heaps of problems with accomadition! (sic) Do u charge for the use of ur room here in warkick (sic) willing to pay,” the first text message obtained by the Daily News read.

For Jennifer, this was another example of illegal operators wanting her to become involved in their activities.

“I immediately contacted police that what she was asking for was illegal,” Jennifer said.

When Jennifer replied saying what the Sydney woman was asking for was illegal, Ava responded with: “no it's not”.

The Warwick worker then replied saying she was calling PETF (the Prostitution Enforcement Task Force) to check, who she spoke to yesterday to report the incident.

This latest incident comes almost 18 months after the Daily News reported out-of-town sex worker “Hayley” contacting us when she failed to find a room in the Rose City, saying hotels refused to allow sole sex workers to rent their rooms.

By law, sole operators must be registered as such and while they can legally use motels there can be only one worker on the entire premises at any time and any bodyguard must be registered under legislation regulating the security industry.

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