Sex offender Fardon to stay out of jail as options run out

THE Queensland Government has exhausted all its legal avenues to put recently released sex offender Robert John Fardon back behind bars.

Murwillumbah-born Fardon was released last month after the Queensland Court of Appeal ruled new legislation which the State Government rushed through Parliament late last year was not worth the piece of paper it was written on.

The State Government had waged a decade-long war against the reviled child sex offender in an effort to keep him behind bars.

After his release last month Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said he would consider launching proceedings in the High Court in a bid to have him returned to jail.

However, Acting Attorney-General David Crisafulli said on Thursday the State Government had received legal advice which stated it would not win a High Court challenge.

"We have done more than any other government to keep Robert John Fardon behind bars but our legal advice is that we just cannot win in the High Court," he said.

"We kept Fardon in prison after successfully appealing his release last year and we lodged a subsequent appeal when he was ordered to be released again.

"We did everything we could but some of Queensland's top silks, including the Solicitor-General, all advised we were out of options.

"Protecting Queensland families should never have a price tag which is why we fought so hard to keep Fardon locked away for as long as we could."

Mr Crisafulli said Fardon would still be monitored as part of his strict release conditions.

"He remains on a 24-hour curfew and cannot leave his front door without permission," he said.

"Fardon is only allowed out for essential trips accompanied by an escort and wearing a GPS tracker.

"We are doing everything possible to ensure the community is protected.

"We did not want him out in the first place, but it is now a matter of keeping him on a very tight leash and working out ways to ensure other people like him are kept behind bars.

"Our resolve will not be broken and that's why we are working on toughening the existing legislation."

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