Kallum Packard's new business venture is off and running.
Kallum Packard's new business venture is off and running.

SELL YOURSELF: Business owner aims to boost Stanthorpe’s profile

A SUNSHINE Coast native is trying to change business mindsets after relocating to Stanthorpe just over 12 months ago.

Kallum Packard’s new business venture, Packard Co, is aimed at luring businesses into a digital world.

Mr Packard says Stanthorpe has so much to offer the wider public, they just need to know how to sell it more.

“I’ve noticed around town that a lot of businesses aren’t leaning towards the internet or towards marketing.

“They rely on locals to help them,” Mr Packard.

It’s those attitudes Mr Packard aims to flip.

Mr Packard is half way through studying a masters degree in business.

It wasn’t his initial goal however.

“After high school I went to university and did my engineering degree and majored in business and marketing.

“I did a few years of engineering and decided it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t a fan.

“I continued to work in retail and work my way up in retail and now I’m about half way through my masters in business.

“I’ve been doing some classes with marketing and really enjoy doing it and it’s something I’m quite good at.

“So I decided that why not start a business and why not try and help other people around town,” Mr Packard said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed him time to fine tune his business approach.

“Because of it I’ve had plenty of time to actually sit down and build website, put feelers out there and start doing something I enjoy.”

Packard Co officially got going eight months ago, not long after he moved to Stanthorpe.

But it wasn’t to more recently Mr Packard has had the time to get it moving.

“When I speak to businesses they all seem like they understand and want to get on board but when we get to the finer details they get more stand offish.”

Social media and online plays a pivotal role in the business world today.

Mr Packard said it’s integral Stanthorpe businesses don’t fall behind.

“It can be hard to get people to understand the significance of online.

“Things like images that accurately represent your business or the right opening and closing times.

“When you have visitors coming to town that’s where those things need to be on point.

“I’m hoping people realise that by investing a little money in things like this they can make more money.”

Mr Packard currently has clients on the Sunshine Coast but he’s hoping to work with more around the Granite Belt.

To find out more about the business visit: https://www.packardco.com.au/

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