GROWING: Toby and Tammy Robinson are branching out, opening a second restaurant in the main street of Stanthorpe.
GROWING: Toby and Tammy Robinson are branching out, opening a second restaurant in the main street of Stanthorpe. Matthew Purcell

Second venture for couple

TOBY and Tammy Robinson have decided to expand their growing business ventures.

The owner's of Cafe 77 are set to open a second store, half a dozen shop fronts down, for their Farmhouse Cafe Co dream.

"We've been here for about seven years. We first set out to try get that farm-to-plate menu going here but there seemed to be a big call for burgers. I think because we have a bit more of an older generation here that kind of still want that old-fashioned hamburger, we went in that direction,” Mrs Robinson said.

"We now have the biggest burgers on the Granite Belt.”

They've even created a $5 hamburger that helps support farmers and backpackers, they say.

Despite straying away from their initial plans, the new business is intended to help them realise it.

"So the original concept kind of got lost. I guess having a chef and restaurant background we want something more,” Tammy said.

Toby is from Chinchilla and Tammy from Toowoomba. The pair met working at a restaurant in Toowoomba where Tammy was undertaking her apprenticeship.

They've taken over the premises where the Rustic Coffee Lounge used to trade.

"It's really kind of inviting for that elderly generation. It's maybe a bit hip down here at Cafe 77 so we kind of want to do two demographics.

"We've worked a little bit with Mark Bouris (renowned businessman) on some mentoring and he suggested that even though we're in drought don't think you have to keep all your eggs in one basket and don't be afraid to diversify.”

Tammy says Farmhouse Coffee Co will focus more on your traditional and home-style meals and quirky sandwiches.

They also plan to have an ice-cream bar, offer breakfast buffets and cover all the bases with gluten-free and vegan dishes.

Tammy says that she'll be running the new business, while Toby controls Cafe 77.

"That is the plan. There will be a bit of rivalry going on for sure. If he knows what's good for him he knows who'll win.”

They'll employ more local staff and offer a new selection of coffees.

According to Tammy they've been wonderfully supported by local businesses and endeavoured to source all the materials for their renovations from in town.

Work on giving the cafe a facelift will continue for a few more weeks before they're ready for a grand unveil.

"Everyone assumes Cafe 77 is leaving or moving but we're definitely staying put - just growing.”


Farmhouse Cafe Co will be located at 29 Maryland St.

No date has been announced yet for their opening.

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