IN TUNE: Dalveen students perform a musical number using some quirky looking instruments.
IN TUNE: Dalveen students perform a musical number using some quirky looking instruments. Contributed

School celebrates longevity with 140-year party

Cobb adventure

STUDENTS were rewarded for their excellent behaviour with an excursion to the Cobb and Co Museum in Toowoomba this week.

The students spent the day exploring the scientific world of Alice in Wonderland.

Many amazing scientific discoveries were made, including how much energy a person would have to use to power an iPod and

an alarm clock (it was a lot).

They also explored how electrical circuits were made and how electricity transfers from person to person.

Great day to be under 8

THE Granite Belt Cluster of State Schools' annual Under-8s Day event was also a fun learning experience for the children this week.

They enjoyed face painting, music, parachutes and much more.

The over 8s also enjoyed the day by helping all of the under 8s make their Brazilian Rain Sticks.

Anniversary celebration

OUR 140-year celebration was a great success.

The students performed their musical number with great enthusiasm and talent, and Miss Lee loved her commemorative garden.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the Dalveen community to farewell Miss Lee, who was Dalveen State School's longest-serving principal.

Embracing tech

WE are embracing technology here at Dalveen, with our students becoming familiar with creating texts using the Book Creator iPad App.

Our students soon became experts at inserting pictures, creating images, recording sounds and embedding them into their texts.

Students will be using these skills as part of their assessment next term, when they will write a narrative about overcoming a fear and use images to enhance their writing.

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