Scammers try to profit from floods

SCAMMERS are trying to profit from the devastating Queensland floods, and one local woman is calling on Warwick residents to be vigilant.

Darilyn Lee was not a flood victim but she received a phone call at the beginning of the week telling her she was entitled to up to $7000 of flood relief.

She didn’t catch the name of the organisation because the caller had a strong foreign accent, but the caller said he was from a government department.

Alarm bells started ringing straight away for Ms Lee.

“They told me I wouldn’t have to pay the money back and all I had to do was to make a $200 donation first,” she said.

“I’m not entitled to anything. I think it’s very sad that people are trying to benefit out of this.”

Ms Lee said she wasn’t able to give any of her details at the time and was asked to call back.

The Daily News called the number she was given to be greeted by a foreign accent claiming to work for some kind of tax authority. The woman wouldn’t disclose any further details unless we supplied our name.

According to Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group this type of fraud is one of many doing the rounds in the flood aftermath.

He said people should be wary of door knockers and tradespeople and telephone scams have been reported.

Some of the fraudulent calls include requests for $200 via credit card for fast-tracking of services and disaster payments and phone surveys.

People are warned to be aware if giving out information and circumstances in surveys about flood damage to your property.

This can be used weeks later through phone calls to give scammers a sense authority and information that you may not remember giving out.

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