Same-sex marriage: Bookies betting we won't get a vote

WHETHER we are or aren't making progress on the Same Sex Marriage issue is still very much being debated but the public won't be involved in that discussion according to online bookmaker

The bookie has opened a market on a referendum taking place before or at the next Federal Election with no the $1.50 favourite and yes priced at $2.50.

Finding some common ground amongst the parties seems to be a point of conflict and Sportsbet is also offering a market on whose bill will finally get to a Parliament vote - with a joint Labor and Coalition proposed bill the $3.50 favourite.

"There's a lot of political showboating going on but the odds suggest some common ground is on the horizon but the people will have to sit this one out,'' said's Will Byrne.

Will there be a referendum on SSM at or before the next Federal Election?

$1.50   No  
$2.50   Yes 

What SSM bill will be voted on in parliament first?

$3.50   Joint Labor/Coalition Bill
$4.00   Greens Bill
$5.00   Labor Bill
$5.00   No vote this parliament
$6.00   Tripartisan Coa/ALP/Third Party Bill
$15      Ind or LDP Bill
$21      Joint Labor/Green Bill
$34      Coalition Bill
$101    Joint Coalition/Green Bill

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