SUNRISE host Samantha Armytage has labelled 2GB's Alan Jones "a troublemaker" following his revelations of her own intake during a boozy lunch they shared, after Armytage questioned Queen Elizabeth's alcohol consumption during the Channel 7 show's hot topics segment.

"Quickly, we want to talk to you about the Queen's drinking - this is not my concern," Armytage said as she began the discussion.

"Each day Her Majesty enjoys a gin and tonic before lunch, there's wine with lunch, a dry martini and a glass of champagne at night. Now that equals six serves of alcohol, which under British government health guidelines makes her apparently a binge drinker ... Alan," Armytage said, throwing to the 76-year-old shock jock for a comment.

2GB's Alan Jones then threw it back at Armytage, alluding that the Sunrise host drinks more than that.

"Sam, that's light-on compared to the last time you and I had dinner," he responded.

"Honestly, Sam, you started with the gin - and it was very straight with not much tonic water at all - you had the white and the red and you topped it up with some champagne. Come on."

Armytage seemed taken aback at the time but later made light of the conversation.

"That Alan Jones, he's a troublemaker," she joked.

"I won't lie, I don't mind the odd G'n'T or two after a long day. Who doesn't?"

Exactly when and where the pair dined together was not canvassed, presumably not too far away from the comforts of the eastern suburbs, and it is understood that it is not a regular occurrence.

However it is known that Armytage and Jones have had a jovial relationship for many years, with one source revealing that Jones takes great delight in stirring up the TV presenter.

"Alan is always trying to get a rise out of Sam," the insider said.

"It is a bit of a game for him."

Armytage returned to air this week following a fortnight's break during which she attended a friend's wedding in Greece and has been co-hosting alongside Matt Doran, while regular presenter David Koch is on leave.

Later this month the popular Armytage will be celebrating her fourth anniversary on Channel 7's flagship show.

Meanwhile, Sunrise simply powers on, possibly just weeks away from claiming victory in this year's ratings battle against Channel 9's Today show.

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