Sacked greyhound racing chair refutes money woes

AXED Racing Queensland chairman Kevin Dixon has labelled Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's comments the organisation was heading for a $21 million deficit "fictitious".

Mr Dixon lost his job when Ms Palaszczuk sacked all racing boards after the greyhound inquiry report was handed down on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Premier told parliament the organisation's losses had skyrocketed from $2.3 million five years ago to $11 million, "in all probability", by the end of this financial year.

Ms Palaszczuk said the accounting advisory firm the government had put in place to run the organisation, KPMG, had already found Racing Queensland's budget for the next year would show a loss of $21 million and the organisation needed to establish a $5 million overdraft.

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But Mr Dixon denied the "budget blackhole" when interviewed on ABC radio.

He said the board had not even had any budget meetings.

Mr Dixon said every year the organisation required a $5 million loan for prize money, but would make the revenue within two months.

He said he had met with Racing Minister Bill Byrne only once, after the live baiting reports leading to the inquiry were aired, and struggled to secure meetings with him.

But Mr Byrne said it would have been inappropriate for the government to maintain direct conversations with racing officials after the inquiry was under way.

He said he had been kept abreast of operational matters through the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing and weekly meetings with the director-general.

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