Rockhampton rapist blames online romance for order breach

A DANGEROUS Rockhampton rapist with a history of preying on women has blamed an online romance scam for breaching his supervision order.

Peter Scott Griffin was released in May under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act after serving an extra three months jail for masturbating in a North Rockhampton shopping centre in view of a 20-year-old woman.

That indecent act contravened a supervision order made after he spent more than 13 years in jail for sexually attacking three strangers in a six-month rampage.

Since his May release he had begun two relationships online with women.

When he walked out of a Coles supermarket at Ipswich without paying for items last month, he claimed he was in "emotional turmoil" over the relationships.

He had been told, and began to suspect himself, that one of them was really trying to scam him for immigration reasons or money.

While his lawyers argued the stealing was a minor breach, the Crown feared the behaviour indirectly indicated psychological precursors to the violent sexual offences Griffin had carried out in the past.

Justice Jean Dalton said, in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday, that Griffin had been seeing his psychologist and psychiatrist regularly, was taking drugs to limit his testosterone production and was otherwise complying with the supervision order.

She said he was living in a rental house, purchasing whitegoods and there was no evidence he had taken any alcohol or illicit drugs.

Ms Dalton said two professionals had submitted reports - one suggesting she was fine to release Griffin back into the community despite the breach and the other wishing to explore it further.

The latter doctor wanted to explore the connection between the stealing and Griffin's paraphilia and attachment issues.

Justice Dalton said she was satisfied the community could be adequately protected through the original supervision order from May until the contravention hearing next March.

Griffin is expected to be released into the Wacol precinct, near Ipswich.

"If you contravene it there's no discretion, you go back to jail and you … go back to square one," she told Griffin.

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