Toowoomba band Lodi will perform on New Year’s Eve.
Toowoomba band Lodi will perform on New Year’s Eve.

Ring in New Year by donating to vital cause

WHAT better way to ring in the New Year then to celebrate with friends and family, as well as be giving back to a good cause.

On short notice, a team of organisers is aiming to pull together a big event at Stanthorpe’s International Club on Tuesday, December 31.

“This band, Lodi, contacted me saying that they wanted to help out and said they had a vacancy on New Year’s Eve,” Bek Stibbard from Queensland Country Credit Union said.

“They’re donating all their time. Not charging us anything.”

After the Toowoomba band reached out, the event fell into place around that.

“The Inter Club jumped in and said they’d be happy to be the venue.

“So now we’ve just had three weeks to organise it basically.

”Queensland Country Credit Union offered to sponsor so they’re helping with the costs of everything.

“It should be a really good night.”

The event offers the Granite Belt community something to do on New Year’s Eve, after the Stanthorpe Beats and Eats event was cancelled for 2019.

“We know that many will be disappointed in this decision and it is not one that the committee have taken lightly,” organisers of Beats and Eats said.

“We have exhausted many alternatives to be able to provide NYE activities within our community this year, however, under our current conditions these alternatives have been exhausted.

“Looking ahead, Stanthorpe Rockin Beats & Tasty Eats will see the event going biennial and will be back in full swing for 2020.”

Mrs Stibbard said that all funds raised from the Inter Club event would go back to Granite Belt Water Relief.

“All the proceeds will go to that.

“There will be heaps of multi draws and if people want to donate more, they can.

“We haven’t tried to hit too many local businesses up, because we know they’re struggling, so everything is just purely on donations at this stage.

“We’re not aiming to attract any particular age group. Families are welcome. Everyone is welcome.

“Both sides of the Inter Club will be taken out.”

The event has been capped at 200 tickets.

Children up to age 12 are $5, children 12-16 are $10, adults are $30 and family tickets can be purchased for $60 (two adults, three children).

A light supper will be provided. Doors open from 6pm with Lodi to perform from 8pm.

Mrs Stibbard said they’d ideally like people to get in and get tickets by December 30.

“Hopefully it’ll be a really good night,” she said.

Tickets are available from Queensland Country Credit Union, Gracious Giving, Maddies Gift Gallery and Pink Poppies.

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