Plans for a worship hall in Rosenthal Heights.
Plans for a worship hall in Rosenthal Heights.

REVEALED: New church approved for Southern Downs

A WARWICK church community's prayers have been answered as works begin on transforming a residential property into a new place of worship.

Southern Downs Regional Council last week approved the development, which would see the existing 51-53 Hawker Rd home converted into a worship hall.

The application was placed by Warwick Gospel Hall Trust No. 2, a Plymouth Brethren Christian Church organisation.

It was formerly known as the Exclusive Brethren.

The construction will involve revamping the current building into a 116 sq m hall, as well as providing 11 carpark spaces on site and a new driveway, accessible from the southeast corner.

According to the application, construction will not affect nearby neighbours.

"The proposed place of worship does not impact on the (low density residential) zone being predominantly dwelling houses and is considered to be a community use, which will cater for local residents," the application read.

"The proposed use will not result in any significant change to the existing streetscape.

"Carparking is to be located to the rear of the existing dwelling, which is appropriately distanced from neighbouring properties."

It is estimated between 55 and100 patrons will attend both regular and irregular services.

Hours of use include regular services every Sunday morning from 6am - 8pm and Monday evening 7 - 8pm and irregular services on Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings.


Original plans were to have services commence at 5am but that was adjusted due to possible resident upset.

"In consideration of the zoning of the land and the nature of the use predominantly operating

on Sunday services commencing at 5am on a Sunday is not considered to be

compatible with the area," the report noted.
"The operation of the proposed use as per the proposed hours of operation is likely to raise conflict with surrounding lawful uses and attract complaints from neighbouring properties.

"By conditioning restricted hours on Sundays from 6am to 5pm, and no later than 8pm on weekday service days, this will assist in reducing nuisances relating to noise."

Plans to further mitigate noise include a 1.8m high fence and sound-absorbing panels.

It is not yet known when construction will begin.

The applicant was contacted by the Warwick Daily News but did not respond by deadline.

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