FIT FUN: Rageing Ageing class members with instructor Lynette Torrisi.
FIT FUN: Rageing Ageing class members with instructor Lynette Torrisi.

Revealed health statistics drop jaws

STANTHORPE residents have been shocked by the recently revealed statistics suggesting Australia’s unhealthiest suburb.

Statistics revealed that 72.4 per cent of Stanthorpe residents do little to no exercise at all.

A 36.7 per cent obesity rate followed that, with 24.1 per cent of people consuming more than two drinks a day.

Stanthorpe health store Go Vita proprietor and naturopath Linda Demy-Gero said she was surprised by the region’s statistics.

“We have a pretty dedicated group of health focused people that come into this store so that is very surprising to me,” she said.

Ms Demy-Gero also runs a Go Vita health store in Warwick, saying the Stanthorpe store is definitely more popular.

“We always find it a lot quieter in our Warwick store.”

That’s not surprising considering Warwick has a 40.7 per cent obesity rate, with 18.9 per cent consuming more than two drinks a day.

Go Vita Stanthorpe proprietor and naturopath Linda Demy-Gero.
Go Vita Stanthorpe proprietor and naturopath Linda Demy-Gero.

She said a healthier lifestyle could be as easy as swapping out those guilty pleasures with healthy alternatives.

“There is a lot of chemicals in our food chain which people aren’t always aware of,” Ms Demy-Gero said.

“People are eating this stuff every day without even knowing that it is impacting their overall health.

“By minimising the chemical load on the body that gives you better health for the future providing longevity to your life.”

Go Vita focuses on providing people with healthy choices, with Ms Demy-Gero believing everything makes a difference.

“People need to be looking out for foods with less additives, preservatives and chemicals,” she said.

“There is absolutely long-term benefits to eating a more organic and health conscious diet.”

The data showed the number of Australians who are overweight and obese is the highest on record and weight problems are also linked to social and economic status.

The most disturbing development is that the proportion of people who are normal weight has plummeted from 43.5 per cent of the population in 1995 to just 31.7 per cent in 2017-18.

Over the same time period the proportion of adults aged 18 years and over who were overweight or obese has increased from 56.2 per cent to 67 per cent.

The proportion of Australians categorised as obese has nearly doubled from 18.7 per cent in 1995 to 31.3 per cent in 2017-8.

Rageing Ageing class member, 72-year-old Mary Toft, said she was also surprised by the statistics, saying it doesn’t take much to get up and move around with just 30 minutes a day doing the trick.

“I have danced all my life, so I have always been very active,” she said.

“It doesn’t take much whether that be walking or swimming.

“It’s just a start to get up and get moving.”

Other members of the class, Michelle Beacroft, Wendy Caeser and Tricia Fea, said they were also taken back by the statistics.

“We always have a big turnout of classes that we go to so that is very surprising,” Ms Caeser said.

“Exercise is about extending your quality of life,” Ms Beacroft said.

The ladies agreed upon the fact that it’s not something that can happen overnight, with consistent exercise over the years improving their quality of life.

“It really is life-changing,” Ms Fea said.

“But it has to be consistent.”

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