32 Tiger Sharks were caught off Mackay beaches in 2017.
32 Tiger Sharks were caught off Mackay beaches in 2017. Contributed

REVEALED: 40+ sharks caught in Mackay beach nets

MORE THAN 40 sharks were caught off Mackay region beaches in 2017 as part of Queensland Government measures to protect swimmers from the threat of attacks.

The Shark Control Program (SCP), which relies on nets or drum lines, or a combination of both, to minimise the threat of shark attack on humans in particular locations, captured 42 sharks.

Tiger Sharks were the most commonly caught in Mackay nets with 32 of the species captured while others caught include six Bull Whalers, three Black Tip Reef Whalers and one Thresher Shark which was the only one caught in the state. Overall, 28 of the sharks died and 14 were captured alive.

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The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries said although shark control equipment doesn't provide an "impenetrable barrier between swimmers and sharks", the current program has been successful thus far at reducing shark numbers.

"The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries continues to monitor the progress of alternative shark deterrent technology trials being conducted in New South Wales," a spokesperson said.

"If new technologies are shown to be effective in preventing marine life fatalities and are practical for use, they will be considered by the Shark Control Program."

"Based on the evidence to date, traditional capture methods remain the most effective measures to reduce the risk of a shark attack."

Blacktip Reef Whaler

  • Dead, 1.45m, 1/12/2017
  • Dead, 1.4m, 19/12/2017
  • Dead, 1.1m, 3/11/2017

Bull Whaler

  • Dead, 2.7m, 25/12/2017
  • Dead, 2.2m, 6/10/2017
  • Dead, 2.03m, 6/09/2017
  • Dead, 1.85m, 17/11/2017
  • Dead, 1.7m, 20/09/2017
  • Dead, 1.6m, 2/05/2017

Thresher Shark - only one caught in QLD

  • Alive, 2.6m, 28/07/2017

Tiger Shark

  • Dead, 3.5m, 14/10/2017
  • Alive, 3.45m, 01/09/2017
  • Alive, 3.3m, 17/09/2017
  • Alive, 3.2m, 28/07/2017
  • Alive, 3.05m, 6/09/2017
  • Alive, 3m, 28/07/2017
  • Alive, 3m, 28/07/2017
  • Dead, 2.85m, 08/09/2017
  • Alive, 2.8m, 23/08/2017
  • Alive, 2.6m, 19/03/2017
  • Alive, 2.6m, 18/08/2017
  • Alive, 2.55m, 29/07/2017
  • Alive, 2.4m, 11/06/2017
  • Dead, 2.4m, 27/09/2017
  • Dead, 2.3m, 20/05/2017
  • Dead, 2.3m, 22/07/2017
  • Alive, 2.2m, 25/05/2017
  • Dead, 2.2m, 9/07/2017
  • Dead, 2.15m, 27/05/2017
  • Dead, 2.1m, 2/05/2017
  • Dead, 2.1m, 13/05/2017
  • Dead, 2.1m, 24/05/2017
  • Dead, 2.05m, 29/01/2017
  • Dead, 2m, 25/04/2017
  • Dead, 2m, 13/06/2017
  • Alive, 1.9m, 19/01/2017
  • Dead, 1.9m, 22/07/2017
  • Dead, 1.8m, 25/04/2017
  • Dead, 1.8m, 13/06/2017
  • Dead, 1.8m, 3/07/2017
  • Dead, 1.8m, 09/08/2017
  • Dead, 1.2m, 26/12/2017

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