Retrial of murder case after body found in forest

A COOMINYA man who was horse riding near his parents' house stumbled upon something one afternoon that would see one family grieving the loss of a husband and father and a local man facing trial over his murder.

Jamie Rex Teichmann, 39, pleaded not guilty on Thursday in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Michael Desmond Mason, 48, on December 8, 2010, after an altercation over a woman.

Mr Mason's body was discovered two days later in bushland.

Justice Peter Flanagan, shortly after the trial started, took the unusual step of informing the jury this was the second time Mr Teichmann had faced a jury of his peers.

He said it would become apparent throughout the trial there had been a previous trial, with the same defendant who was facing the same charge of murder.

"You should not speculate why there has been a retrial," he said.

"Retrials happen for any number of reasons.

"You need to make your eventual finding base solely on the evidence that has been presented in this court."

Witness Christopher Jennings told the court he stumbled upon Mr Mason's decomposing body in the back of a ute on December 10, 2010 while horse riding.

He said he was riding near the intersection of Jamieson and Bollingbroke Rds at Coominya the day before and the ute was not there.

"I found a blue Ford Falcon ute down a dirt track in bushland just off the intersection," he said.

"I got to about three metres away and saw two feet hanging out of the side of the tray.

"I knew straight away from the smell and the bugs around what was going on . . . I knew it was a dead body.

"I rode back home, told my brother and we contacted police."

Earlier, Crown Prosecutor Glenn Cash told the court Mr Teichmann and Mr Mason had been drinking at the Coominya pub before getting into an altercation later in the evening over a woman.

He said the two then got into another altercation along the side of a road resulting in Mr Mason being killed.

"Teichmann contacted two friends who he knew were nearby to help him move the body," he said.

"They threw him unceremoniously in the back of his ute and dumped it in bushland."

Mr Cash told the court it would hear evidence from both men, Michael Ambrose and Andrew Kuiper, during the trial.

He said Mr Ambrose would give evidence about a conversation he had with Mr Teichmann where he said 'I f****ng killed the guy' and 'I punched and kicked the s**t out of him in a frenzy, he is dead."

The trial before Justice Flanagan is expected to last a week.


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