Parenting rescue guide helps put babies to sleep soundly

Rowena Bennett's new book tackles baby sleeplessness.
Rowena Bennett's new book tackles baby sleeplessness. Contributed

PARENTAL anxiety and poor advice are the two most common reasons why babies and parents struggle under the strain of sleep deprivation for weeks, months, and in many cases, years, reveals child health nurse and Sunshine Coast author Rowena Bennett.

The Queenslander's new book Your Sleepless Baby: The Rescue Guide explores a range of sleeping problems and takes parents through a step-by-step process to help them identify and remedy their baby's issues.

"When a sleep problem first presents, parents typically worry that their baby is suffering from a medical condition like colic, acid reflux or milk allergy or intolerance. Consequently, many parents spend months searching for a medical solution to their baby's distress," Rowena said.

"A number of studies have shown that less than 5% of irritable, sleepless babies have a medical condition. The distress displayed by healthy, thriving babies is usually due to sleep deprivation owing to the parents' infant settling practices."

"Parents in general are unaware of the influence they have over their baby's sleep. As a result many parents accidentally encourage their baby to learn sleep habits that lead to disruptive sleep for everyone in the household. Once learned, poor sleep habits can be challenging to change."

"Most sleep problems experienced by well babies can be resolved by encouraging sleep habits that support the baby to self-regulate his sleeping patterns. This enables them to get the amount of sleep their little body needs without reliance on others. Better sleep for baby means better sleep for parents."

As a child health nurse, mother, and grandmother, Rowena knows firsthand what havoc lack of sleep can create for a family, and more importantly on a baby's health.

Rowena runs a successful online parenting advice service,, consulting to parents worldwide regarding baby care problems, including sleeping problems.

"I've dedicated my career to helping parents and their babies, and it gives me great satisfaction to know I can help families with this very common and challenging problem," Rowena said.

"Every baby deserves to sleep well, and so does every parent."



Your Sleepless Baby: The Rescue Guide, the first in a new series of child health books, is available from all bookstores, RRP$34.95, or visit


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