Reluctant guru on a mission

Michelle Lightworker is an author and offers Lightworker Practitioner Training. She is a former holistic counsellor.
Michelle Lightworker is an author and offers Lightworker Practitioner Training. She is a former holistic counsellor. Brett Wortman

THE first thing you notice when you speak with Michelle Lightworker is her dynamic personality and clear zest for life.

Considering what she has achieved in a short amount of time as co-founder and CEO of Lightworker Reflections, you could be forgiven for wondering how she isn't in need of a rest.

For a woman who signs her correspondence "blessings in abundance", she herself has shown that dedication and a real belief in your spirituality can bring blessings a plenty.

When asked what she is most proud of, for Michelle it is being loud and proud about being a Lightworker.

What is a Lightworker you may ask?

It has been described as any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness and self and in others; or souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread light - knowledge, freedom and self-love - on Earth.

As Michelle herself knows, however you describe it, being a Lightworker can often be faced with opposition.

"There has been a real stigma around spirituality so to 'come out' in mainstream society as a Lightworker is a big deal," she said.

"What I've learnt is that when we hide away our spiritual self we shut out the light from empowering ourselves.

"In applying the principles and activities that I write about, I have evolved immensely.

"I never saw myself as a guru, because I want us all to feel equal to each other; that is the point of the Everyday Lightworker.

"My husband Tony calls me the 'Reluctant Guru'.

"However, now I can embrace that part of myself and respect that it takes time to hold that kind of vibration of energy.

"It is inspiring to people and it's okay to be a spokesperson for it."

Having moved from Sydney at aged 26 with little more than her dog and a doona, Byron Bay initially captured Michelle's heart strings and this was the place she called home for two years.

But it wasn't until she fell pregnant that she decided to head for what she describes as the more grounded Sunshine Coast.

"As soon as I arrived, it felt like home," she said.

"I had been a bit outside of the box since undertaking some alternative studies in Sydney and felt like I didn't fit in.

"Byron was a no brainer because anything goes, however the Sunshine Coast was a mix of alternative meets city and I felt secure here.

"Fast forward 15 years later and I have seen the Sunshine Coast transform into a mecca of all things alternative leading me to ask whether we are the new, although a tad more sophisticated and upmarket Byron Bay."

The Sunshine Coast has clearly embraced Michelle's beliefs as through Lightworker Reflections she has released a number of books including the seven part Lightworker Practitioner Training Series, provided retreats, training and also consults or readings and the feedback has been remarkable.

Recently many of the practitioners at the recent "You Can Heal Yourself" expo in Caloundra commented to Michelle that they loved what she was doing, especially as they felt no one else was doing it.

But the acceptance of Michelle's teachings has now been acknowledged by "big business" with the inclusion of Light Filled Yoga classes and spiritual discussion groups onto the schedule of Fernwood Sunshine Coast.

"They know it's time; big business will only suffer from not tapping into the new consciousness that society is already harnessing," Michelle said.

Michelle's sharing of the Lightworker message doesn't stop there though as she is also launching Webinars through another business on the Sunshine Coast Reality Awareness plus facilitating the Lightworker Practitioner Training starting in October through Lightworker Reflections.

Add to that penning her new book The Everyday Lightworker and planning an Everyday Lightworker tour across Australia and onto Europe and the USA.

For Michelle, finding energy for all these projects is as simple as taking good care of herself and using all the tools she teaches in her training.

If she needs peace though, Michelle can be found in her favourite spot at the top end of Golden Beach.

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