A small portion of equipment found in the room at the motel.
A small portion of equipment found in the room at the motel.

Raid uncovers Warwick drug lab

A 23-YEAR-OLD Dalby man has been charged with a number of drug-related offences after officers found a stash of equipment allegedly used in the production of amphetamines in Warwick on Saturday.

Management at a local motel notified the Warwick Criminal Investigation Branch after they found some suspicious equipment in one of the rooms.

CIB officer-in-charge Darren Tamblyn said the findings indicated there had been some sort of amphetamine production in the room.

"They (management) noticed staining, a funny smell in the room and some things in the bin which indicated someone may have been using them in amphetamine production," Detective Sergeant Tamblyn said.

When the CIB arrived at the scene about 10am, the tenant was gone.

After a number of inquiries, the CIB was led to a hotel in Grafton St where they executed a search warrant and located the man.

Detective Sergeant Tamblyn said they located a dismantled amphetamine laboratory.

"(We found) glassware and chemicals that could be used to produce amphetamines," he said.

The man was arrested and has been refused bail.

He was charged with two counts of possession of relevant substance or thing and one count of possession of anything for use in the commission of crime.

Officers are currently looking into charging him with unlawful production of dangerous drugs, namely amphetamines.

The Brisbane Illicit Laboratory Investigation Team attended both the motel and hotel to conduct examinations and seized the equipment for forensic examination.

Detective Sergeant Tamblyn said hotels and motels were not uncommon places for drug-producers to carry out their operations.

"This can happen at any hotel or motel," Detective Sergeant Tamblyn said.

"It could happen at the Hilton and you wouldn't know about it."

"IT'S a method these type of people use because the entire process only takes three to six hours to complete so it's a convenient place to do it."

This is not the first time something of this nature has been detected in the Darling Downs, with a man caught a few months ago in Inglewood with amphetamine production equipment in his vehicle.

Detective Sergeant Tamblyn said it was fortunate the man was caught on Saturday to avoid his business dispersing into the community.

"It's good we found it. It looked as though he was going to pull up stumps here and anything produced in the labs would have probably been intended for locals," he said.

The dangers of amphetamines are not only in the effects of the finished product, with half the danger in the production of the drug itself.

"It's a very dangerous method used by these people. They've got amateur equipment and dangerous chemicals," Detective Sergeant Tamblyn said.

"Some substances they use, if they are accidentally mixed with others, have the potential to explode."

The man will appear in court today at 9am.

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