2300 fewer cars broken into in Qld, says Newman

A BOOST in police numbers combined with the use of innovative technology has translated into a drop in reported instances of crime across Queensland in the last financial year.

"Eight hundred additional police as part of our election commitment, armed with better resources are keeping our streets safer," Premier Campbell Newman said.

"Almost 2300 fewer cars have been stolen and there were more than 8000 fewer break-ins to homes and businesses, meaning more and more hardworking mums and dads can go about their day-to-day lives without fear of becoming a victim of crime."

The report shows that there were almost 5000 fewer cases of theft across the state with robberies also down by 18%.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said that co-operation with other states and the use of iphones and ipads had definitely done their bit to improve the statistics.

Using technology, police can now report back to the station from the field, an efficiency that has allowed them to spend 30% more time on the front-line this year.

"Mums, dads and their children can sleep easier at night knowing their streets are safer," Mr Dempsey said.

"Businesses are also better protected with unlawful entry to shops down a massive 32%."

The report also showed that some offences, including drug-related arrests and breaches of domestic violence orders, rose by more than 10% but Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said that was down to the fact that there were more police to uncover these offences.

"We've detected 16% more drug offences per 100,000 persons, 13% more liquor offences and 12% more weapons act offences because of better intelligence and greater resources," Commissioner Stewart said.

"It's not only the arrests that are having an effect. It's the fact that we're actually preventing a lot of crime by sheer numbers of police out there."

Once again, the Premier would not be drawn into comment over ABC analysis that the true overall crime rate drop was closer to 2.1% than anything approaching double figures.

Last month's analysis of Queensland Police data showed recorded offences in the state fell to 436,720 during 2013-14, down from 437,465 but Mr Newman stuck by his overall figure of 11%.

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