Thousands of allegations of sexual and drug offences, nepotism and patient confidentiality breaches have been levelled against Queensland Health staff, bombshell corruption data reveals.

More than 13,000 complaints of corruption were made against public service workers between 2015 and December 31 last year, according to the latest Crime and Corruption Commission allegations data.

Almost one-third of those complaints, 4334, were made against employees working at Queensland Health.

The misuse of confidential information and nepotism or threatening behaviour were the two most common allegations, with 1238 and 1009 incidents respectively.

A spokesman for the Crime and Corruption Commission said the data was provided for transparency, and did not mean complaints had been investigated or proven.

The number of corruption allegations within Queensland Health has fallen since the second quarter of last year after a steady increase since 2015.

A record high of 362 complaints was recorded in the June quarter of last year before a fall to just 252 incidents in the December quarter.

Queensland Health has almost double the number of corruption allegations than the next-highest department, Queensland Education, which had 2574 complaints since 2015.

A spokesman for Queensland Health said not all allegations were substantiated.

"Queensland Health is a very large organisation, with 94,000 employees - around 40 per cent of the Queensland Government's total workforce," he said.

"These allegations relate to just a fraction of a per cent of our workforce.

"We have a zero tolerance to misconduct and corruption, and take any allegation of wrongdoing incredibly seriously - as we should."

The spokesman said Queensland Health employed robust procedures to identify and report serious allegations.

"The overwhelming majority of our employees do the right thing," he said.

"Queenslanders can expect some of the safest and best care in the world when they come into our health system."

Since 2015, 13,706 individual complaints of corruption were made across the public service, with some containing multiple allegations.

There were 8902 incidents relating to a failure to comply with legal, policy or reporting obligations.

Misuse of authority was at the centre of 8872 complaints while unprofessional conduct led to 4238 allegations.

There were 648 allegations of sexual offences, 562 of drug-related incidents and 492 complaints of bribery.

A spokesman for the corruption watchdog said the data "does not represent finalised outcomes of matters progressed by the CCC".

"The CCC receives complaints about corrupt conduct from members of the public and public sector agencies, and many of these complaints contain multiple allegations," he said.

"When aggregated, allegations data provides useful and transparent information about corruption in Queensland."

Originally published as Qld Health cops thousands of corruption claims

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