Five must-see strange places to put on your bucket list.

Put these strange places on your must-see bucket list

TIM the Yowie Man has seen some of the most remote destinations in the world in his quest to untangle supernatural occurrences. Here are his five must-see strange Aussie places that are open to anyone to visit.

"I use the mystery or strange phenomena as a hook to visit that place, and it's more often than not the more spectacular places in the world," he said.


MIN MIN LIGHTS AT BOULIA: "The Min Min lights pop up in various locations around Australia, and in Queensland it's around Boulia," Tim said.

"You have these mystery lights that come and go so just being out there and transfixed trying to see these strange lights in the middle of a beautiful desert is definitely one (must-see)."


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Boulia is famous for its Min Min lights.
Boulia is famous for its Min Min lights. Contributed


TASMANIA'S NORTH-WEST: Tim said the Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct since 1936, was the number one mysterious animal worldwide.

"Could it still be out there? Is it still roaming the bush? And if it is, one of the locations it may well still be is the wilderness of north-west Tasmania," he said.


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A Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct since 1936.
A Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct since 1936. KATHRYN MEDLOCK / HANDOUT


RED CENTRE AND ULURU: "I feel a sense of place there myself," Tim said.

"That's another cursed one.

"People who have souvenired little pebbles from Uluru and taken them home to all around the world, they've been subjected to bad luck.

"The park service has received thousands of rocks back in the post, sometimes at massive expense because rocks are quite heavy.

"Tourists have returned them with notes saying 'I'm really sorry I've taken this, this doesn't belong where I am, it belongs in its spiritual home, please return the rock'."


CHRISTMAS ISLAND: Tim said the sea cave, The Grotto, on the island's rocky shoreline was another must-see.

"When you go in there and the swell's up, the water rushes through from the outside ... and as it comes through it lets out this enormous roar.

"People who have lived on the island for many years call it the dragon's roar. When you look up there is a rock formation, which if you use a bit of imagination looks like a dragon's head."


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HAUNTED HOUSE AT BURNIMA: "It's a 32-room, three-storey mansion in the middle of absolutely nowhere," Tim said.

"One person lives there alone. This guy took it over as a wreck about 2002 and he has converted it back to its heyday. He spent a lot of time and effort furnishing the building as it was in the 1890s. He lives alone there with three ghosts.

"When he moved in he wasn't into ghosts and he had quite a few experiences in the house, which meant he had to change rooms a few times.

"Luckily there's so many rooms in the house so he can move around."


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One man and three ghosts live at the Burnima Homestead.
One man and three ghosts live at the Burnima Homestead. Contributed