Prisoner accused of raping his cellmate

A PRISONER at Gatton's Southern Queensland Correctional Centre has been accused of sexually assaulting his cellmate.

The 30-year-old man, who cannot be named, pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault and rape when he appeared at Ipswich District Court yesterday.

Crown prosecutor Jessica Goldie said two prisoners had agreed to share the same cell shortly after they were introduced to one another.

The accused man was alleged to have started making sexual advances towards his cellmate during their first night together.

Ms Goldie said the accused man woke the victim up and told him to roll over on his back so he could give him oral sex.

She told the court the "frightened" victim pretended to be asleep until the man gave up and left his bedside without touching him.

Ms Goldie said the sexual advances escalated the next day when the accused man tried to force his hands down the front of his cellmate's pants.

The victim allegedly told his cellmate to leave him alone but the man continued to molest him.

After a short struggle, the accused man gave up and left the cell.

But he allegedly returned later and threatened the victim not to move.

Ms Goldie said the victim remained still because he was frightened as his cellmate was a much bigger man.

She said the accused man then fondled the victim.

As this was happening, the man used a towel to cover the window of the cell and used a piece of paper to block the room's security camera.

When the security camera was covered, a corrective services officer was sent to the cell to see what the matter was.

When the officer arrived, the accused man said he had been rubbing his cellmate's back with moisturiser because it had been sore.

The "distressed" victim was taken to the medical unit where he made a complaint to the officer, the court was told.

Ms Goldie said parts of the incident, which took place in December 2013, were captured on CCTV footage in the cell.

She said the victim had never consented to any of the sexual activity.

The trial continues today.

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