Popular teen loved a laugh

Jacob Liam OlsenMay 12, 1993 - December 13, 2010

HE might have lived in Brisbane but Jacob Liam Olsen spent a lot of his youth on the family farm in the hills at Killarney.

In December last year at the age of 17 years, Jacob was fatally injured in a car accident in Brisbane.

The son of Trevor Olsen and Susan Lockhart, Jacob was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer at the age of nine months.

Against the odds, he recovered within a year and started school at St Flannan’s Primary School at Zillmere.

He was affectionately called “Olsen” by his countless friends at Sandgate State High School where he graduated at the end of the 2010 school year.

Jacob made lifetime friends at Sandgate High and planned to work in the metal trades industry.

Along with his life in Brisbane, Jacob loved travelling to Killarney with his father every school holidays to spend time on the farm “Lyndon”, which was first settled by Jacob’s great-grandparents on the Spring Creek Road in 1922.

He loved driving around the farm in a little blue Toyota bush basher and playing the role of farmer’s helper.

Jacob always wanted to be at the annual Killarney Show to watch the demolition derby and enjoyed the action immensely.

While at Killarney, Jacob also enjoyed spending time with his uncle and aunt, Terry and Elaine Olsen.

His father said he would remember Jacob as “forever young”.

“At the end of the Mass service at his funeral at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Bray Park, we played the Forever Young song,” Trevor said.

“In the song, the words say that youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever.

“He was a diamond to me, a beautiful, sparkling boy to all who knew him.

“I will never forget saying ‘peace be with you’ at Mass the night before his accident, that image is with me forever.

“Jacob was the centre of my life. I feel blessed that his cancer was cured when we were only given a 10% chance and I put his recovery down to the prayers of many being answered by God."

His mother said Jacob was her miracle boy.

“He fought the hard fight and won in his battle with illness,” Susan said.

“My son had many, many friends, and I know it because wherever he went, people just took to him and felt comfortable in his presence.

“Jacob loved to be the centre of attention as we all know and his sense of humour was so brilliant.”

“He loved to be on stage and making everyone laugh. Jacob was kind and considerate and loved animals.”

Susan said she watched with pride as he grew to be a young man that many girls knew and admired.

“He was always happy and adventurous and enjoyed his trail bikes and the camaraderie that went with it.

“Jacob loved his Play Station and Facebook where he kept in touch with all his friends. He had his own style of clothing and loved expensive shoes and took good care of the things he owned.”

His older sister Lisa, her partner Glenn and their son Liam were close to Jacob.

Glenn remembers taking Jacob to the mountain bike jumps.

“It didn’t take him long to be better than me and I was soon asking him for advice,” Glenn said.

“The more time I spent with Jacob, the more I saw him grow into a beautiful person. He was honest and helpful and would always stand up for his family and friends, no exceptions.

“He was the best brother Lisa could have had.”

Trevor and Jacob were part of the Come As U Are Family Group in Holy Spirit parish, Bray Park.

Two family group members penned their thoughts on the young man who was often in their midst.

Mary Clair said the day she met Jacob with his Dad at the family group they were instant friends.

“He was truly a special young man, caring, respectful, full of fun and loved a joke,” she said.

“I can see him splashing in the pool, a young man who portrayed all that had been taught about God and nature.

“He told us about his discoveries around the farm, in nature and outer space (after he regularly watched the stars while at the farm).

“I was privileged to walk with him in preparation for his First Communion.”

Family Group members speak of Jacob as a quiet and genuine young man.

He loved the chance to attend the annual family group weekend camp where he spent a lot of time with his father.

“Jacob showed his good-hearted quality when he was always ready to sit, talk and play with a disabled member of the group, a few years his senior,” one member said.

After Jacob’s death, his friends kept a vigil for days at the site of the accident, such was the admiration for Jacob in his large group of friends.

Jacob’s friends have erected a large white timber cross adjacent to the accident site and meet there every week as they remember the many good times they shared together.

All his friends have their own permanent ways to remember Jacob and regularly visit his mother as they all grieve together.

His father is amazed by the number of Killarney residents who remember Jacob from when he first visited Killarney soon after he could walk and watched him grow into a tall young man.

Family and friends on both sides of The Great Dividing Range will remember Jacob for his laughs and love of life. Everyone was his mate and he will be missed by all.

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