Police crack down on drunks

A NATIONWIDE blitz at the weekend had police scouting for drunk people doing the wrong thing.

Operation Unite has proven a successful initiative in the past and the fifth operation at the weekend was no exception.

Although Warwick had a relatively quiet weekend, there was one incident at a licensed premises.

At 11.55pm on Friday night, police were called to the scene where a 24-year-old New Farm man, two Cambooya men aged 22 and 19 and a 24-year-old Top Camp man were involved in a drunken brawl.

The New Farm man sustained injuries to his nose and all four men were charged with behaving disorderly on a licensed premise.

The 22-year-old from Cambooya was also charged for not giving his name to police.

Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Stewart Day said despite this incident, the majority of people were well behaved.

"Police patrolling were reasonably satisfied that most people were doing the right thing," Snr Sgt Day said.

In Stanthorpe, police intervened in a 10-man brawl at a licensed premises at 10pm on Friday night, involving men in their late teens and early 20s.

A few of them were charged with liquor-related infringements and issued with public nuisance infringement notices.

Police plan to charge more people.

At 2.15am on Sunday, a 38-year-old Stanthorpe man was issued with an infringement notice for urinating outside a licensed premises and for exposing himself when trying to enter.

Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Mark Ireland said the operation was successful.

"We had extra staff to intervene and we will continue to have increased patrols over the summer period," Senior Sergeant Ireland said.

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