Police taser stops naked man's armed approach

A DRUNK and naked man who charged at police officers with a bayonet raised was abruptly halted when a police officer tasered him, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

The taser had brought to an end a series of bizarre incidents involving the drunken Robert Bruce Stewart on September 17 at Graceville in Brisbane.

Stewart, 56, had been drinking at his father's home when he began to take his father's belongings which he left strewn across the yard, police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Bill McKenzie told the court.

When his father went to neighbours for help, Stewart had walked down the street kicking signs and bins before lying down on the footpath.

When a man went to his aid, Stewart got up and punched him, then yelled abuse at other pedestrians.

When two ambulance officers tried to help him, he punched an ambulance woman in the face then punched a sign nearby.

He then took off his clothes and walked among passing traffic, at one point hitting the bonnet of a car with both hands causing $463 damage.

When he arrived back at his father's place, police tried to intervene only for Stewart to run at them with a bayonet raised yelling "Have a go you ****s", Snr Sgt McKenzie said.

He was then tasered and arrested.

Stewart then failed to front court on November 5 but was arrested at the National Hotel in Toowoomba on Saturday where he had caused a disturbance.

He pleaded guilty to all charges, his solicitor Shane MacDonald telling the court his client had a history of mental health problems and that alcohol was an issue for him.

His client could recall little of the incidents due to his state of drunkenness at the time, Mr MacDonald submitted.

His client had spent two days in custody since his arrest at the pub on Saturday, he said.

Magistrate Damian Carroll told Mr MacDonald alcohol was obviously a problem for Stewart.

"He's just got to keep off the grog," Mr Carroll said..

Mr Carroll sentenced Stewart to two months jail but suspended the whole term for 18 months.
Stewart was also placed on two years probation to include random breath testing to ensure he remains under the 0.05 limit.

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