Police draw guns on armed stalker after hanging attempt

POLICE officers were forced to draw their firearms on a knife-wielding man who had attempted to hang himself at his girlfriend's home just moments earlier.

The 36-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, attended his girlfriend's home in the Stanthorpe area at midday on October 31 last year.

Police prosecutor Steve de Lissa said the man told the woman, "I hope you're happy - I'm going to jail and I'm going to kill myself".

The man then placed his head through a rope he had hung from the rafters of the home and kicked a chair out from under his feet.

Although the rope put pressure on the man's neck, he was not injured.

Following his failed suicide attempt, the man forced his way inside the woman's home and armed himself with a long-bladed kitchen knife.

He told the woman he would stab police if they arrived and retreated into nearby bushland.

When officers located the man, they directed him to drop the knife and the man turned toward officers, waving the weapon above his head and threatening to harm them.

A police sergeant drew his firearm and again ordered the man to drop his weapon and he complied.

The Warwick Magistrates Court this week heard the man had amassed a total of 27 charges, including stalking, serious assault on police, break and enter, trespass, breaching domestic violence orders, failing to appear in court and using a carriage service to menace or harass.

He pleaded guilty to all.

The man's solicitor told the court his client had been abused as a child and at the time of the offences was still reeling from the sudden death of his former girlfriend.

Since being taken into custody eight months ago, the man had been seeking treatment from a psychiatrist and was on medication.

Magistrate Graham Lee took the 280 days the man had spent in pre-sentence custody into consideration when delivering his penalty.

He sentenced the 36-year-old to two years jail and released him on court-ordered parole yesterday.

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