UNIQUE FEAT: The Piano Mill Project ,near Stanthorpe, is the first building to win a national Australian music award.
UNIQUE FEAT: The Piano Mill Project ,near Stanthorpe, is the first building to win a national Australian music award. Marc Treble/Tangible Media

Piano Mill short listed at the World Architecture Festival

A UNIQUE piece of architecture near Stanthorpe has been short-listed in the World Architecture Festival awards.

The Piano Mill, nestled in the forest at Harrigan's Ln, was selected among more than 1000 entries from projects across 81 countries as a finalist in the Culture - Completed Buildings category.

Architect Bruce Wolfe from Conrad Gargett said he was humbled to find out The Piano Mill was short listed.

"It's pretty exciting because it's a very modest project, but it's a project that's had a fair bit interest," Mr Wolfe said.

"You're very proud to be part of that community of who were able to get into the short listing."

The nine-metre high purpose built construction houses 16 pianos sourced from Brisbane, Stanthorpe, Warwick and Toowoomba. This is not the first time the structure has been awarded. In 2017 The Piano Mill was awarded an Australian Institute of Architects National Commendation accolade, as well as a National APRA Award for Excellence in Experimental Music.

Mr Wolfe said The Piano Mill was a prime example of the great architecture the Granite Belt should have.

"Interesting projects aren't just in the cities," he said.

"There are interesting buildings - particularly houses but also public buildings - that are being built around the world that aren't in the big capital cities

"They're where there's an interest to do something that may not be that ordinary - these buildings are unique."

"It goes to show that even in small populations good architecture is still important."

He said the Granite Belt community should strive for design greatness when it comes to new building and renovations.


"It's really important not to accept second best just because you're in the country," he said.



"It gives a certain pride in regional architecture in Queensland.

"Having something that's recognisably excellent in world terms gives kudos to a regional community."



The Piano Mill will go on to be judged by a jury of 100 international judges at the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam in November this year.

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