SCHOOL'S OUT: Colleen Willis and Heather Dux, of the Amiens Historiical Association.
SCHOOL'S OUT: Colleen Willis and Heather Dux, of the Amiens Historiical Association. DEIRDRE SMITH

Photographic memory helps in Amiens school job

WHEN there's a job to do done, such as sorting through a treasure-trove of old photos, everybody points to Heather Dux.

Her memory is legend, and it's a great help when it comes to matching names with faces and dates.

"I've got a mind like a steel trap,” she said.

Heather is putting the photos together for the centenary of the Amiens State School in March next year. She regularly publishes photos on the Amiens State School Centenary Celebration Facebook page, asking people to get in touch if they know who the students or teachers in the photos are.

"Old photos get people thinking,” she said.

Her job includes going through the photos and putting them in years and while she has access to the names of former students, there are still some mysteries. One woman appears in several photos but her name is not given and she does not appear to be a teacher.

She also has one photo from 1925 that does not have any names on it.

"They wouldn't be around now,” she said.

"They'd be nearly 100. But somebody might recognise them.”

Heather undertook a similar project for the Stafford school centenary in 1988 putting the enrolment names on the then innovative floppy discs.

Heather and fellow member of the Amiens Historical Association Colleen Willis were at the Civic Centre on Friday to provide catering at the Border District Eisteddfod. The job goes out to different groups, who provide the service in return for funds.

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