Father Jeff Bails is leaving the Rose City.
Father Jeff Bails is leaving the Rose City. Kirstin Payne

Pastor says it's time to move on

PASTOR of Warwick Baptist church Jeff Bails is leaving after seven years of service to the community.

New Year's Day will be his final service to the Darling Downs and Father Bails' strong church leadership is sure to be missed by the 220 strong congregation. Though he is leaving Mr Bails doesn't know what the future holds for he and his family, but has a couple of options.

"It's too early to say just yet - hopefully I'll have something set in stone by Christmas," he said.

"My job isn't about religion; it's about engaging people in a real and fulfilling relationship with God."

Mr Bails said he was looking forward to his continued ministry and that his time in the Warwick community had been an enjoyable one.

Not only being involved in the Baptist church he was part of the police Chaplin and chairperson of the schools chaplaincy committee for the past three years.

He has also been had a role in the United Christian Ministers association which focused on a united Christian witness between the churches in Warwick. However it has come time for Jeff and his family of five to move on. "It's not because I have a better offer or the church, I love this town we just felt it was time." The Bails family are looking forward to the move and this new chapter in there lives together.

In the short term Warwick Baptist will be lead by the church leaders until a replacement is found in the New Year. Jeff fondly describes the church as a family of empowered people who rely on God and each other not solely on the minister. "The capacity and potential of this church is huge because people are aloud to know who they are to walk in God's preferred future for them."

His final message to the community of Warwick is "Life is too short not to enjoy what you do. Life is also too sad to go through without a meaning and a purpose."

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