Park catfight horrifies families

GOING hammer and tongs in a catfight in front of children playing on the swings in Leslie Park has earned a young Warwick woman a nine-month good-behaviour bond.

Chelsea Charlotte Hippi, 22, appeared in the Warwick Magistrates Court this week and pleaded guilty to committing a public nuisance.

Hippi's small stature, evident in the courtroom, belied her ability to punch on with the best of them, as was evidenced in her very public violent encounter on the afternoon of July 13.

Choosing the footpath directly across from the Warwick Police Station for their mid-week duel was only one error of judgement made by Hippi and her protagonist, who is yet to be dealt with judicially.

The court heard the attention of police was drawn to a “disturbance” across the road about 1.30pm.

Officers found two women locked in combat with a crowd of onlookers egging them on, as children and their horrified parents in the nearby play area watched.

The court was told some of the children were “visibly upset”.

Counsel for Hippi, Daniel Habermann, said the fight was the result of a “family dispute” and “bad blood between the two”.

Mr Habermann told Magistrate Anne Thacker the other woman initiated the brawl and his client had no prior court history.

Ms Thacker accepted those facts but told Hippi the community was “dead sick of fighting in the street”.

She told Hippi to “find a different way of handling your disputes” before placing her on a nine-month good-behaviour bond with a $500 recognisance payable if breached.

No conviction was recorded.

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