SAD SIGHT: Thirty-five dogs have landed in the Stanthorpe Pound so far this year.
SAD SIGHT: Thirty-five dogs have landed in the Stanthorpe Pound so far this year. Contributed

Owners urged to be more vigilant

RESIDENTS are being urged to be more pet cautious with more than 100 animals impounded in Stanthorpe so far this year.

Southern Downs Regional Council said while most pet-owners were responsible, the figures didn't lie.

"Most pets are well cared for, however there are members of our community who need to take more responsibility for their pets,” an SDRC spokesperson said.

"Council would like to remind the community that pets are a long-term commitment.

"It is important for pet owners to have good fencing and to ensure all gates are secured; register, de-sex and microchip animals and be aware of where pets are at all times.

"In the event that dogs or cats go missing, pet owners should contact council during office hours to check if their animal has been dropped at the pound or located by a SDRC Local Laws Officer.

"Council officers love nothing more than seeing a loved family pet reunited with its owners.”

From January 1 to now, 67 cats and 35 dogs wound up at the Stanthorpe Pound on Mackenzie St.

Twenty cats were rescued, however, 47 were euthanised. A council spokesperson said the majority of those were feral cats.

Of the 35 dogs, 19 were reunited with their owners, 11 were rescued, while four were euthanised and one stolen.

That theft occurred on April 14, with a 43-year-old Warwick man charged.

- Matthew Purcell, Stanthorpe Border Post

Stanthorpe Border Post

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