Helpful tips for seniors struggling to grasp technology

Linda Thomas is a regular user of social media to keep in touch with her family around the world.
Linda Thomas is a regular user of social media to keep in touch with her family around the world. David Nielsen

A NEW survey by Optus has found that "Silver Surfers" are using multiple devices, such as smartphones, PCs and tablets to hook up with friends and family online and more than half (54%) are active on social networks.

However, while nine out of 10 agree that being online makes their lives easier, four out of 10 still don't consider themselves proficient with technology and half would like a helping hand in understanding how to use all of the features on their devices.

To help those in need of support when it comes to navigating the world of the internet and technology, Optus has teamed up with super savvy senior, Ray Lewis, CEO of Greypath, the leading seniors' website in Australia.

Mr Lewis has compiled his five top tips for the Australian silver surfer:

Be brave

You're never going to learn to use your devices if you don't give things a go.

So, get someone to show you the basics and start using technology.

Get social

Social media helps you keep in touch with the ones you love, even if they live thousands of kilometres away.

Start up a Facebook or Twitter profile and get your friends and family online too.

Join the club

There are thousands of Aussie seniors currently learning how to use technology - why not become one of them?

Start by joining a seniors' computer club or a seniors' online community, such as

Learn from others

It's truly amazing how much information you can find on the internet.

Whether you want to learn how to make duck a l'orange, learn some gardening tips, or how to add a picture to an email, you can do so by simply going to Google and starting a search with the words "how to".

Stay safe

Protect your technology against viruses by installing an antivirus program on your computer.

Another good point is to remember not to open email attachments, or to respond to emails you receive from people you don't know.


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