OUCH! TV reporter stabbed during demo of knife-proof vest

AN Israeli reporter has been stabbed by the president of a body armour company who was trying to prove the strength of their protective vests.

Eitam Lachover donned the garment for a segment on Channel 1 news amid a continuing wave of attacks in Israel and the West Bank.

Yaniv Montakyo, vice president of the manufacturing company, pulled out a large steel "commando knife" that he said was used by armies around the world.

"You're going to stab me with this?" Mr Lachover asked, looking at the weapon dubiously.

"Yes," Mr Montakyo replied. "You have nothing to worry about, we are very confident in our product.

"This product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. Don't be afraid - if something happens, I'm here."

He proceeded to turn the reporter around and stab him multiple times in the back, but on the third strike the blade penetrated the vest.

The executive shouted that he "missed" before helping the injured reporter out of the garment as footage quickly cut back to the television studio.

Mr Lachover said that he had not been seriously injured in the accident on Wednesday.

"Superficial stab wounds, had some stitches and was released back home," he wrote on Twitter. "Many thanks to everyone for your concern!"

When interviewed afterwards on Israel's Channel 2, Mr Montakyo, said he had stabbed the journalist in an area with less protective material but added that in an earlier take the vest had been successful.

It came as many Israelis seek to protect themselves from the risk of stabbing and shooting attacks, which have killed 21 Israelis and an American citizen since the latest wave of violence erupted in September.

At least 132 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces in the same period, including 91 who were carrying out an attack or believed to be attempting one.

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