Graham Parker wants to know where rates are   spent.
Graham Parker wants to know where rates are spent. Liana Walker

Opinion: We want results

I RECEIVED my ratepayer funded newsletter and read the piece about how we should not accept what we see, read or hear about the council in our community but should ask council for their version of facts before we judge their performance.

I also note with interest that the council management has put a ban on speaking with certain media outlets. I guess this is because they then feel they can control the flow of information to outlets that only paint themselves in glowing terms... otherwise known as "spin”.

Having attempted to engage with our elected representatives many times during the term of this council, only to be shouted down, told I am wrong, uninformed or have an ignorant grasp of things attempting to be discussed and I should believe the council line, I have given up hope of actually being heard.

Some months ago I sent a request via the council app for a section of Sundown Rd, at Ballandean, to be fixed after a myriad of patch jobs and the road being in a state of disrepair for many, many years now.

As part of the cycle trail, this is a danger if a car and bicycle should traverse it at the same time and I am aware of at least one serious injury to a visitor to the region on this section of road or more aptly, goat track.

I got the usual platitudes and motherhood statements about it being looked at and there was no money to fix it, but to trust it would be fixed.

Nearly six months on and it is still the same and, on the weekend, I saw another cyclist come to grief on this sad excuse for a road. Thankfully nothing broken, just injured pride.

I have spoken repeatedly about this to our elected leader and several councillors in an attempt to be the squeaky wheel and it seems this course of action may, finally, get a result as I have been informed the road may finally be fixed... soon.

Until I see that happen, in my opinion, it is just more "fake news”.

What avenues do I have available? Letters to the editor are one, or social media posts are another but am I just spreading untruths or malicious gossip?

Probably in the eyes of the council I am, but that is the joy of living in a democracy.

I also read a media release about the volumes of people expected to attend polo- crosse and was wondering where those numbers came from, then read a similar comment from another local.

I see the jobs expo and all the hype about the 1000+ jobs coming to our part of the world, well Warwick at least, and wonder where all those people are going to live.

I guess I must just not be to bright if I can't comprehend the magical projections of council and believing their "facts”.

I am reminded of an saying: There is your truth, there is my truth and there is the truth. Sadly, the cynic in me doesn't believe the "spin” just because you tell me your truth. When our road is fixed, if that happens, I might believe that it is, but until such time it is still a disgrace and it is hard to trust the spin when the facts are evident for all to see.

Graham Parker

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