Aerial drone shots of the public de-amalgamation rally attendance earlier in the year.
Aerial drone shots of the public de-amalgamation rally attendance earlier in the year. Cooper Wren

OPINION: The heart wants what it wants

IT can always be said that I do most things based on my gut reaction. Take it as one of my strengths, or maybe a weakness, but my heart definitely rules my head.

So de-amalgamation, for me, is one of those passion, from the heart topics. I won't hear any negatives, my personal opinion is that we need it to happen and that as a community we will be all the better for it.

But let's be upfront, honest, completely transparent and use some terms that even I understand.

De-amalgamation is going to come at a cost. Just what that cost will be is what is being worked out at the moment.

There are so many figures floating around, but none of them are factual. They are either the figment of someone's imagination or they have been plucked from the sky.

From the very beginning, the Granite Belt Community Association made no secret that if de-amalgamation is not financially viable, then it will not proceed. Simple, straight to the point and an actual fact.

But until that moment, until we have a spreadsheet put together by the experts (and trust me, the people who are employed to tackle this task are experts in this field), then nobody knows.

What I do find reassuring is the quiet, underlying positivity the debate is starting to attract. There is a gentle buzz throughout the business community and it is one that I am so pleased to hear.

The business community are, for the majority, those people who do not let passion rule their heads, their decisions are made on the facts that are being presented and by the quality of those who are putting these facts together. 

Not for one second am I saying that every business is sold, but many are making their way over from the fence they were perched on. They are asking questions and sourcing fact-based information from reputable sources.

I for one will continue to fight with my heart on my sleeve, to win a de-amalgamated community, in charge of its own destiny, and I can definitely remain safe in the knowledge that the experts who have come on board will fight with their heart under lock and key.

After all, when the heart and head work in unison, the impossible becomes possible.

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