Offender given parole

A MAN who was last month spared from jail and given a suspended sentence for a violent attack on his girlfriend took just hours to place his hands on her again.

An argument broke out between the two on the afternoon of March 27, the same day the man pleaded guilty to slapping and choking her.

He was sentenced to three months jail, wholly suspended for 12 months for the earlier incident.

He was also prohibited from having contact with the woman, unless it was related to their young child.

Shortly after his court appearance, the woman attended his home and asked him to travel with her to her home to speak about their child.

The man, who had the child at the time, went to the woman's home in her vehicle.

Once there, the woman told him she had changed her mind and told him to leave.

The young father took his child and attempted to walk home, with the court hearing the woman chased him down the street and grabbed him, ripping his shirt.

It was at that point the man raised his hand and "backhanded" the woman.

A passing fire truck spotted the bickering couple and stopped to separate them, with police attending not long after. The father refused to hand over his child despite orders from police, but finally agreed to give the child to his mother when she arrived.

When the child was returned to its own mother, the man became violent, kicking the inside of the police car.

On arrival at the watchhouse his belligerence failed to subside and he wet toilet paper and threw it at the cell security cameras.

A padded cell failed to quell his anger, with the man spitting on the cameras in the cell and hurling abuse at police.

Defence lawyer Geoff Hobson said his client needed the threat of jail over his head for his behaviour to improve and urged the court to extend his suspended sentence.

"In effect he will become his own jailer if he doesn't mend his ways," he said.

The court yesterday heard the man was on not one but two probation orders at the time of the attack, as well as the suspended sentence.

The probation orders related to drug offences and breaches of both domestic violence orders and bail.

He was yesterday sentenced to 12 months jail, but placed on immediate parole and 21 days of pre-sentence custody was declared.

The 21-year-old was also fined $1650 and his suspended sentence was extended for three months.

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