Andrew and Ian Stacey on course yesterday.
Andrew and Ian Stacey on course yesterday. Gerard Walsh

Not a buggy in sight

ANDREW Stacey is quick to recall his best shot on the Warwick Golf Club course - a drive to within 2m of the hole on the 13th which he birdied.

Yesterday, Andrew and his father Ian Stacey were on the course for a nine-hole social game.

Andrew's twin brother Jonathon plays as well when he is home.

The Stacey family use their rounds for fun and fitness and there isn't a buggy in sight.

Yesterday, the twins' father Ian cycled 43km before heading to the golf club with Andrew for two hours on the course and a walk of 5km or thereabouts.

It was the last game in Warwick for Andrew for a little while as he is moving to Canberra to study medicine at the Australian National University (ANU).

He already has a post-graduate degree in medical science and has been working with QML Pathology in Brisbane.

Ian reckons his best shots have been some drives onto the green on the 9th.

"I don't always get my drive on the green," Ian said.

"I get better after I warm up."

Ian said cycling was his main sport for fitness with a game of golf fitted in each fortnight.

He admits when he battled it out with Andrew on the golf course, his son usually won.

Andrew said while his father tended to hook the ball, he often sliced it.

"Jono and I are twins and we do the same things," Andrew said.

"He doesn't slice it as much."

The 23-year-old twins are planning to do the same things career-wise.

While Andrew is going into his first year of four at the ANU, Jonathon has finished his first year of a five-year medical degree at the University of New England.

Ian is a Warwick solicitor so reckons the twins got their medical interest from mother Sally who is a nurse.

With Andrew moving to Canberra, he won't play as often at the Warwick course but is keen to play in the nation's capital.

He will miss his once-a-fortnight round at the Warwick Golf Club.

"I quite like it," he said.

"There aren't too many hills on the Warwick course.

"I have played at Victoria Park and Pacific in Brisbane but like the casual approach at Victoria Park."

Ian added that he really enjoyed a recent nine-hole round at Allora.

"It is a great little course," he said.

While he wants to specialist in pathology, Andrew can see himself walking around a golf course with a pager in his pocket in case he is called in to work in the years after graduation.


How the Staceys play

Golf for relaxation and fitness.

Father and twin sons.

Nine holes as often as possible.

Walk the course.

Aim is to avoid hooking or slicing the ball.

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