Sex pest harassing Central Qld, released from prison again

A REPEAT north Queensland sex offender who grabbed and kissed a Rockhampton woman at an ATM in 2005 and a Mackay teenager in 2006 at a bus stop has been released from prison - again.

Geoffrey Doolan , 50, was last year released on a supervision order but banned from going to schools, childcare centres, parks and shopping centres.

He was sent back to custody after breaching the order for having a cigarette without supervision, then released again on a supervision order until 2020.

This time he avoided having his supervision order extended from 2020 to 2025.

In what Dr Josephine Sundin described as akin to a 'merry go round', Doolan breached his supervision order three times in the past 18 months, including two curfew breaks, caught by his electronic surveillance equipment.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday from two psychiatrists who gave reports on Doolan's capacity and insight into his behaviour, Dr Scott Harden, and Dr Josephine Sundin.

They both noted Doolan posed a substantial problem, but that he was being managed effectively under his supervisory order.

Importantly they noted Doolan had ceased drinking alcohol, which they believed was the key to his previous offending behaviour.

But the court heard Doolan suffered from both cognitive and intellectual deficits from closed-head injuries and substance abuse, had an anti-social personality disorder and could continue to pose some level of risk.

Dr Sundin said until Doolan "finally learned there were consequences of his actions", he would likely continue his patterns of behaviour, but the risks of him in the community had been "moderated".

Doolan had been jailed for committing a range of sexual offences including propositioning a 14-year-old child at a bus stop and kissing her against her will, and fondling himself in front of teenage boys.


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