ON THE BALL: Handball and gymnastics are all the rage at the Fitness Centre.
ON THE BALL: Handball and gymnastics are all the rage at the Fitness Centre. Liana Walker

New sports at the Fitness Centre and return of a favourite

Fitness Centre: There's plenty happening at the Stanthorpe Fitness Centre to start off the new year.

Popular sport gymnastics has made a comeback while the classic schoolyard game of handball is headed to the courts.

Handball will be played on Wednesdays at 9am, but Stanthorpe Fitness Centre co-ordinator Vance Sinden wants residents to know the game isn't just for kids.

"Parents are welcome to stick around and watch if they want. There's no reason they can't play as well.”

The game will follow the four square rules, where if you are out you go to the end of the line and are out on a double bounce, a miss of a ball or you hit the into another court on the full.

"If we get enough show we can organise a proper competition on a Saturday morning,” Sinden said.

Along with the start of handball comes the return of gymnastics thanks to the coaches from Warwick Gymnastics.

"We've got almost full classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,” Sinden said. "There are a few spots left.”

Gymnastics will run for two more weeks and depending on demand could become a permanent sport again.

Sinden said the benefit of having coaches from Warwick Gymnastics was it gave passionate gymnasts the opportunity to advance to higher levels outside of the fitness centre.

All the fitness centre favourites will be making a return in 2019, with volleyball and badminton already back on Wednesday night and table tennis on a Monday morning.

Junior futsal will return in February along with a new netball season.

Sinden also hopes to start up competitive skipping as soon as he can recruit a coach.

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