Food Market Place website
Food Market Place website

New platform hopes to boost independent food retailers

INDEPENDENT retailers in Australia are now vulnerable to the fast-paced technological changes that their competitors are easily embracing.

FoodMarketplace is a new Australian online platform that aims to support local independent retailers in their quest to effectively compete in that space.

Independent retailers, like butchers, bakers, bottle shops, newsagencies and cafes, still contribute $14 billion annually to the economy and employ approximately 57% of all grocery staff in Australia, however the industry niche faces technology and marketing hurdles which prevent independent food retailers from reaching their potential, leaving many likely to 'close shop' in future years.

As multi-nationals increase their online offering by developing apps and sending specials direct to their shoppers, independent retailers are being left high and dry.

Fresh produce, fish, and meat have a short shelf life. FoodMarketplace technology enables an independent retailer to instantly advertise a surprise wholesale price to consumers, with a push to mobile phones and email.

Local store owners work long and hard and are so intrinsically focused, they just don't have time to build and maintain an online presence.

The FoodMarketplace site hopes to provide local businesses with an e-commerce website, with the ability to promote specials on impulse. Stores are listed on the site and owners and managers can log in and claim their business.

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