New off-leash dog park in pipeline

POOCHES in Warwick could soon have a new area to let off their canine steam if a plan by council staff gets the tick of approval from their political masters this month.

Councillors at tomorrow's Planning and Environment Committee meeting will consider a $70,000 plan to upgrade an existing dog off-leash area (DOLA) in Stanthorpe and create one in one of Warwick main parks.

Due to liability concerns DOLA's need to be fully fenced, signposted with rules of use, provided with a standpipe for water and with a doggy doo-doo bag dispenser and a wheelie bin.

The report to councillors states that the total cost of a DOLA is around the $34,500 mark, with $70,000 earmarked in the current budget.

It also states that the existing Stanthorpe facility in parkland alongside Quart Pot Creek does not comply with the minimum standards and needs to be improved.

Potential locations for a DOLA in Warwick which council will investigate further include Australiana Park, Gillam Park and Mel Gibson Park.

"DOLAs are important as they provide socialisation for the dogs as well as the owners," the report says.

"The dogs can be off leash in a contained area that provides protection for other park users, walkers and bike riders.

"The fence contains dogs and if the dogs are off leash outside the fenced areas the Local Law is easy to prove and enforce."

If the officer's recommendation is adopted by councillors tomorrow it will still need to be passed through the general council meeting next week.


Doggie heaven

The typical budget for a dog off leash area is as follows:

  • 300m of 1.2m high mesh fence - $30,000
  • Signage - $2500
  • Bin and bag dispenser - $1000
  • Water standpipe - $1000

Possible sites in Warwick where an area could be located:

  • Australiana Park, Cleary St
  • Gillam Park, on river near Victoria St
  • Mel Gibson Park, Cinema Heights, Bracker Rd

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