NEW FACES: GP interns at Stanthorpe Hospital Katrina Bell and Francesco Iannello.
NEW FACES: GP interns at Stanthorpe Hospital Katrina Bell and Francesco Iannello. Liana Walker

New GP interns here to take care of Stanthorpe

A NEW year and brought new blood to Stanthorpe hospital with two new general practitioner interns starting their rounds.

Both hailing from the Gold Coast, Katrina Bell and Francesco Iannello were both keen to continue their learning in Stanthorpe.

Mr Iannello said he was excited for the year ahead.

"I'm looking forward to the interesting variety of cases and the ability to be really involved with the coordination of care and with the team,” he said.

"Even touring around the hospital and being orientated I feel like I'm able to see a lot of interesting medicine happening all around us all of the time.”

Miss Bell said she was equally nervous and enthusiastic about the next few months.

"I'm just really excited in terms of stepping up in terms of responsibility,” she said.

"There's a big difference between being a medical student and being an intern.

"You're able to do a lot as a medical student which is really fantastic.

"But now you're getting into the management and being a part of making the team decisions.”

Medical Superintendent Dan Halliday highly praised the program for the interns.

He said Stanthorpe Hospital was being recognised highly in terms of the level of medical service by general practitioners.

This gives future GPs the opportunity to learn all different types of medical practice in a rural setting.

"People think 'if I go to Stanthorpe I've got to be a real generalist',” he said.

"Well actually no, you don't. If you think this is not necessarily for me, that's not such a bad thing.”

He said to have GP interns decide to specialise was good for rural hospitals as well.

"If you decide to go down some sort of specialist route the ability to support and outreach into areas that actually need it, that's a valuable thing as well.”

Miss Bell and Mr Iannello will be at the hospital for three months.

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