Host Sonia Kruger pictured during the launch show.
Host Sonia Kruger pictured during the launch show. Paul Broben

The new Big Brother series is a house divided

WHAT do a social media strategist, Bert and Patti Newton tragic, former soldier, mother of three and guinea pig collector have in common?

They have all been thrust under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

The Channel Nine fly-on-the-wall series returned tonight and the much-publicised twist was revealed: the housemates have been split between a rich, luxurious house and a poor, shanty house.

Sonia Kruger burst through the Big Brother eye in her silver sequin number with dancers by her side during tonight's launch show, filmed on the Gold Coast yesterday.

She told viewers "2013 is about to be unlucky for some".

Twelve housemates , selected from 20,000 hopefuls, went into the Dreamworld-based compound last night, and six found themselves in less than desirable conditions.

While six housemates enjoy living in luxury in what has been dubbed as "the safe house", the other six will watch from behind glass where they live in camping conditions in the "halfway house". Housemates chose a key which determined which door and which side of the house they were destined to live on.

Housemates congregate along the fence.
Housemates congregate along the fence. Paul Broben

Mikkayla, a 23-year-old English teacher, a was first to duck her head under the half-size door into the halfway house to encounter camping chairs and a celebratory tap water and loaf of bread.

The lounge room is nothing more than white, half-filled beanbags and she won't be getting too comfy in the half-sized beds.

The safe house lounge room, complete with the finest furnishings, can be seen through Perspex poles.

"This isn't very pretty," she said while pouting.

One of Big Brother's most eccentric contestants ever, Ben, was the first to enter the safe house. He is awkwardly hilarious, clearly uncomfortable in social settings yet happy to chat with other housemates about his love for his mum and Bert and Patti Newton and Slim Dusty record collections.

But sigh, it seems the house is again full of good looking young people. The oldest housemate is 41-year-old Sharon, a fit mother of three young children.

Most housemates are in their 20s, but a diverse mix of personalities is already shining through.  Xavier, a 27-year-old property manager, is already divulging his underwear purchasing habits.

There are already promises of a second twist to come later this week.

Kruger hinted Big Brother's first married couple will enter the house, but the catch is they have never met.

The show continues tomorrow at 7pm on Channel 9/WIN.



Matt, 27, Sunshine Coast, electrician/ former soldier

Mikkayla, 23, New South Wales, English teacher

Xavier, 27, Victoria, property management

Tahan, 24, Melbourne, government employee/ model

Ben, 30, Queensland, looking for work/ Bert and Patti fan

Tully, 25, Sydney, social media strategist

Tim, 29, Sydney, student/ guinea pig fan

Sharon, 41, Victoria, mother and personal trainer

Ed, 26, Melbourne, sports management/ former AFL professional footballer

Heidi, 29, Newcastle, radio presenter

Jasmin, 24, Victoria, flight attendant

Caleb, 33, Melbourne, fireman

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