New app to connect loved ones... after death

WHEN a loved one dies, have you ever thought how special it would be to hear their voice or see their face again?

A new app is making it possible, by giving people the opportunity to leave video messages, audio messages, emails and slideshows to be delivered after their death.

A brand new concept will allow the elderly or seriously ill to leave video messages to their loved ones which will be delivered at a time they choose.

The app, named SwonSong, developed by co-founders David and Ian Lamonby is a unique way to give comfort to those you have left behind at special times such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

It is currently the subject of a Kickstarter project aiming to reach just under $200,000 to put the app into full production.

David Lamonby, Co-Founder of SwonSong said, "I got the idea for the app when I lost my own mother to dementia - it was heartbreaking to see her pass away when she wasn't herself due to the condition.

This app would have allowed her to record messages when she was healthy, which would have been the best possible way to remember her.

"But SwonSong isn't just designed for people who are terminally ill or have health issues - after all, you never know when your time will come.

"It could be something you invest in at the same time you are writing your will, or you may think about what you will leave behind to your family if you have a dangerous job.

"It's for organised individuals who want to put a plan into action for close friends and family while they are fit and well."

The team behind SwonSong are calling on people to get behind the project on Kickstarter, by offering backers a range of rewards, such as being among the first to try out the app when it is released later in the year.

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