LeBron James.
LeBron James.

LeBron blocks Cavs trade, Knicks’ $72m mistake

ON a bumper day of NBA news, LeBron James is standing in the way of the Cavaliers, the Clippers are ready to blow it all up, and the New York Knicks deal with their $72m mistake.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst has told ESPN Radio that the Cavs' trade for Sacramento Kings guard George Hill broke down due to a disagreement over a potential buyout in the summer.

With reports suggesting just a few days ago that the deal was as good as done - Windhorst explained that players were told that the deal was likely to go ahead - until things went completely quiet on the move.

And Windhorst has now revealed why.


According to the NBA insider, the Cavs wanted to ensure that if LeBron James were to leave in the off-season, that they'd be able to secure a buyout for George Hill and his $20m contract due next year.

Hill reportedly refused, and obviously the deal never went through.



Joakim Noah.
Joakim Noah.



The Hill news is an interesting insight into how Cleveland plans to move forward next season.

Wisely, they're not banking on LeBron James sticking around, and are clearly making decisions that leave them with options should the worst happen.

Ultimately, James is making this trade window almost impossible for the Cavs organisation, as he refuses to commit one way or the other on his future.

It's an impossible situation for Koby Altman and ownership: without assurances, Cleveland can't give up their Brooklyn pick, but if they can't make a 'win now' move, the chances of James re-signing are slim to none.




After trading superstar Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons in a blockbuster trade, the Los Angeles Clippers are looking to continue a complete revamp.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski - who first reported the Griffin deal - the Clippers are now shopping both DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams.

Wojnarowski suggests the Clippers are pursuing packages of young players and picks in return.


Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.
Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.


Where to start?

It seems the Clippers have finally made the call to blow it all up.

Sitting in the ninth seed, and with Blake gone, their chances of playoff basketball this season is slim in the ultra-competitive West.

Being middle of the pack is pointless in the NBA, so if they can pick up some promising youngsters along with draft picks, they'll have put themselves in a good position to move forward as an organisation.

It seems inevitable that we're going to see a completely different Clippers roster come the February 8 trade deadline.



According to NBA Insider for Yahoo Sports, Shams Charania, the New York Knicks are looking to offload Joakim Noah.

After a "heated verbal exchange in practice" between Noah and head coach Jeff Hornacek, the Knicks will try move on from the 32-year old, who has two years remaining on his 4-year, $USD72m deal.

Noah had left his teammates before New York's final two games of their road trip, with "personal reasons" cited as the reason.

ESPN's Ian Begley reports Noah "has no inclination to give back significant money on his contract in any buyout with New York."



This contract looked bad in 2016 when the Knicks announced the deal.

In 2018, we can now safely say this was one of the worst contracts in NBA history.

A quickly deteriorating Noah has played seven games this season, averaging five minutes an outing.

No sane team in the NBA will pick up his contract in a trade, unless Kristaps Porzingis was somehow attached in the deal (yes, that was a joke).

Expect this to either end in an embarrassing buyout situation for the Knicks, or for Noah to sit at home for the next two years counting his money.

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