IF YOU'VE ever wanted to have a street named in your family's honour, now is your chance.

Gladstone Regional Council has released a 'naming of infrastructure assets' policy that will attempt to identify new and existing roads, parks, open spaces or other buildings and assets that need a name.

Councillor Rick Hansen holds a particular interest in the area of infrastructure planning, and said it was a great chance to get residents involved.

>> Ten street names you wish Gladstone had

"Someone who has done a lot of good work in Miriam Vale, for example, may not be known to town, so it gives locals a chance to nominate then," he said.

"Out of town developers might not know prominent past people, but residents will."

Cr Hansen said the call-out for suitable names had always been the case since council amalgamation, but the policy had just been reviewed.

Cr Hansen said there were a lot of names already on the register but more were welcome.

"We don't just ask for any name," he said.

"They need to be iconic and deceased, and once submitted need to be considered and meet the criteria."


Coralee Taylor: Names based on surnames of familes that were early settlers to the area. That gets people asking why streets are called that and maybe enlightening themselves with some history. Or for new estates, maybe streets that are somehow themed or associated with the name of the estate.

Kris Ansell: Rio Tinto Ave, Lng Way, Orica Drive.

Sharlene Harrison: Harrison Street since they've been here since the 1800's.

Grant William Nichols: Name it after a volunteer, of someone who's done something for the community. Not politicians!

Leisa Baldwin: Nash Drive. Our family has five generations still living in Gladstone. Edna Nash, my great grandmother turns 100 this September.

Cantrill-Ryall: Diagon Alley.

Ann Schafer: Sesame Street.

Sheri Hope: Loggerhead Lane, Green St, Hatchling Ct.

Pat Bunting: Aboriginal names would be great.

Jenny Vock: The Vock Street as all them were born and raised in Gladstone.

Gladstone residents are going to be asked to suggest street names for new areas in Gladstone. What street names would you like to see around town?

Posted by The Observer on Monday, June 1, 2015

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