Myths busted

WE'VE heard the myths, the supposed remedies and the down-right disgusting ways people have attempted to fool the breathalyser and lower their blood alcohol level.

Truth is, nothing works except time.

Some myths to surface over the years include:

Eating - this can aid in sobering up over time, but won't help you beat a breath test.

Caffeine - although it can perk you up, it doesn't change your blood alcohol content.

Mouthwash and breath mints - may mask the smell of alcohol, but trying to wash your mouth out with a liquid containing alcohol is perhaps not the smartest thing to do.

Gargling vinegar - again, it does not change your blood alcohol level.

Vomiting - it may get the liquid out of your stomach, but it has already been absorbed into your blood.

Sunscreen - Just last week, a Townsville man downed a swig of sunscreen to try and avoid a positive breath test. Much to his surprise, he failed.

And the winner is... eating your underwear! A bright spark from Canada thought chewing on his jocks would absorb the alcohol in his system. It's safe to say that method didn't work.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads website states it takes 30 to 60 minutes after you have stopped drinking for your blood alcohol level to reach its highest concentration.

Constable Dominic Cremasco, of the Warwick Traffic Branch, said he had seen people attempt to mask their alcohol level by drinking copious amounts of water.

"Some people almost drown themselves with water to try flush out their livers, which doesn't work," Const Cremasco said.

He said his way of passing a breath test was the most reliable - "just don't drink and drive".

"If you're going to have a big night and have a few drinks, leave the car and the keys at home so you're not tempted to drive, even the next morning," Const Cremasco said.

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